Knowledgeable, Hard-working, and Trustworthy

“Todd and I want to send a gigantic thank you for helping us find and buy our amazing new house – which as you know is no small task in Rock Creek these days. We really feel that you went above and beyond what we have experienced in the past from our previous realtors. I will admit that we were hesitant at first to use you, since you were fairly new to the job and were a friend and neighbor of ours. Given our past experiences, we know that things can get emotional and that deals fall through for any number of reasons, and we did not want it to affect our personal relationship with you. I’m so glad we decided to take the leap of faith.

I will readily acknowledge that we were not the easiest buyers. Although we knew what we like, we also knew exactly what we did not like…and there was a lot of that. We were hesitant to move forward and the looking process stretched out over a couple of years with us alternating between enthusiasm and calling off the search. You were patient, understanding, and never pressured us in any way. You must have been completely shocked this February when we actually saw a house and decided to immediately make an offer. Then your real work began.

Thank you for successfully negotiating a multiple offer deal, in which we did not start with the highest offer, but with the help of your advice we managed to get the house under contract! Over the next two months, you helped us navigate the selling of our house (for top dollar!) and all the details of buying the new house. You went out of your way to make things comfortable and manageable for us. Now that we are getting settled, we couldn’t be happier with the new house or with your real estate expertise and advice.

I would easily recommend you to anyone looking for a house in the area – and already have! You are knowledgeable, hard-working, and trustworthy. Also, when the situation warranted it, you did not hesitate to ask for help from your many experienced co-workers at the Staufer Team. Thank you for always keeping our best interest as your first priority. ”

– Jill Michaud