“Justen Cares About His Clients”

“We had an excellent experience with Justen and the Staufer team. Justen was able to find a home for us that truly matched our personalities and what we were seeking in a home. Justen went out of his way to ensure that we were comfortable with the decision to purchase our home and worked to address our concerns; I came away with the sense that Justen cares about his clients. Months after the purchase of our home, Justen continues to send me updates about the housing market in our area and the surrounding areas. Receiving these updates has shown me that we made the right decision purchasing our home at the time we did and that Justen was right in his sense about property values in the area. This is a small, but important touch, that you’re not likely to get with other agents. I highly recommend Justen and the Staufer team if you are looking for an agent that has a sense of humor, is punctual, organized, knowledgeable, and sees you as more than a transaction.”

– Nicholas Carpenter