It was a great pleasure to work with Justen Staufer from Staufer Team

“It was a great pleasure to work with Justen Staufer from Staufer Team Real Estate on finding my home! He was really generous with his time – he spent about 2 hours during our first meeting getting to know my preferences and what I was looking for. I was really impressed by his great knowledge of the Real Estate market and the particular areas I was looking at. I was interested in properties in Superior, Louisville, Lafayette, Broomfield, and Erie. He knows these areas extremely well! Quite often, just by looking at the address he would give me an in-depth description of that area – proximity to any major roads/highways and shopping areas, level of noise around the property and in the neighborhood, and a general description of this particular location. It was quite impressive! He was very flexible with his time as I was able to look at the properties on weekends only. I never felt pressured by him – he would provide me with a wealth of information but would leave the decision to me. He is also pretty thorough – in some properties he would get into the crawl space to make sure there were no obvious problems.

Not only Justen is a great agent but he is a great human being as well. In one of the properties I noticed a small garden snake that fell into a basement window well and was trapped there. Justen went through some melting snow and mud outside and saved a little guy out of the goodness of his heart! It gave me an opportunity to appreciate him not only as a great agent but as a great human being as well!

I ended up buying a great townhome in Broomfield in a great location at a competitive price. Every time I come home, I feel comfortable and happy. Home sweet home! Thank you, Justen, for all your help – it was great working with you. Now, I know who my agent is for all my future real estate needs! I highly recommend Justen!!!”

Alex S.